POW+ Series - The plus in extra performance

POW available as "+" series

The newly developed POW+ series replaces the extremely successful POW series. A significant increase in efficiency and high frequency performance is the result of many years of development. The already from the predecessor series
already known from the previous series, elaborately designed, 2-layer fiberglass / paper diaphragm with acoustic damping properties is also used in the + series: its extremely stable, mechanical rigidity is the guarantee for impulse and precise music reproduction. The extremely powerful ferrite magnet with the large core bore and the gloss-turned base plate, which ensure optimum cooling of the drive, powerfully drives the lightweight and torsion-resistant diaphragm. The specially shaped centering reduces wobble and allows the driver to perform with pulse accuracy. The stiffened, powder-coated metal basket was also provided with ventilation openings, these guarantee faster heat dissipation and reduce compression effects at high levels. The loadable 25 mm coil in the 3 Ohm winding method offers even at low amplifier power (operation on the series head unit) a high efficiency with 94.3 dB!

The new POW+ series impresses with its new CXS28+ tweeter unit: a 28 mm tweeter in the smart installation dimension of a 25 mm tweeter - this means more power in the lower treble range with the same installation dimension! Due to the large 28 mm voice coil in combination with an extremely compact coupling volume, a performance increase in the lower tweeter could be achieved, thus a deeper separation is possible. The new design now has a resonant frequency of 1300 Hz, a full 500 Hz lower than its predecessor! A deep separation in active mode (already from 2.4 kHz/12 dB) are the result, so the woofer / midrange blends even easier with the tweeter unit. For those who need a passive tuning - a tweeter cable crossover consisting of a high-quality film capacitor is included in the set. Manufacture and development Made in Germany!

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ETON POW+ Series | more performance in sound reproductionETON POW+ Series | more performance in sound reproduction