The new Graphit Series

Top technology Made in Germany

After a long time, there will finally be a TOP system in the royal class again. The start will be made by the new GRAPHIT 16 and GRAPHIT 28 from the brand new ETON GRAPHIT series. A matching 80 mm midrange driver, the GRAPHIT 80, is already in the starting blocks and will probably be available around mid / late September 2023. 

The Graphit loudspeaker series combines our high standards of sound and performance and allows an optimal installation thanks to small installation dimensions. The contemporary component system will be available thanks to increasingly affordable DSP technology, as a "fully active component system". It features a newly developed, extremely torsion-resistant carbon fleece sandwich membrane. This is provided with the specially coated aluminum Dustcap and gives the system its name and also its sound characteristics. 

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