RES 12 - The active subwoofer for the spare wheel well

You want rich bass and still want to use your trunk?

The newly developed RES 12 subwoofer combines several requirements in one device: Powerful, hidden and you can continue to use your spare wheel (from 15" rim size)! Thanks to the solid aluminum die-cast housing, it is possible to build the subwoofer with the maximum volume output in the smallest space. The newly developed 300 mm (12") aluminum subwoofer chassis impresses with its design: here the mounting pin is inserted through the ventilation opening in the center of the T-joke. Thanks to the novel design, the driver does not need a dustcap, this is namely sealed in a ring shape. Thus, the subwoofer can be seen completely through, this brings not only structure-borne sound transmission, it also allows the fixation of the emergency wheel in the spare wheel well. The subwoofer has an integrated 200 W RMS amplifier module with high-level inputs, low-pass filter, phase shift, wired level remote control and many other features.

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ETON RES 12 | 12" active subwoofer for the spare wellETON RES 12 | 12" active subwoofer for the spare well